Meet the Regulars

Our Hall of Fame of people who have TWO or more events under their belt

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Jarryd Minahan, phillip island

Things I like: surfing, camping, beer, hanging out at the beach, road trips

“Intrepid Landcare connects me with like minded people to give back to the environment”


Jem Milkins, CHurchill

Things I like: adventures with my dogs, Christmas Carols, slow cooked meals, cheese and wine, Gippsland Intrepid landcare

“Intrepid Landcare is 21st century Landcare - letting you, your friends and your community connect and care for your environment in your own way”


Kelsey Tong, woolamai

Things I like: exploring new places, camping, the ocean/beach, travelling and of course being a part of Gippy Intrepid Landcare!

"Intrepid Landcare has been an important part in the development of my communication and event management skills. Plus I’ve met inspiring young people and been to places I’ve never thought to go to”


Brita Jobling, CAPE PATERSON

Things I like: Live music, books, running, chocolate, sunshine

“Intrepid Landcare allows me to be part of a community and know I am doing my little bit for the natural world”


Seb Emanuel, SANDY POINT

things i like: surfing, politics, live music, poker, cross country skiing

”Intrepid landcare is the positive change that the earth is crying out for”


Kathleen brack, inverloch

THINGS I LIKE: curry, jason isbell, CAMPING, pod save america, MUrray river

”INTREPID LANDCARE gives young people power to RECREATE Landcare into SOMETHING THAT WORKS FOR THEm”


madeleine hinder, sale

Things i like: Eating, hiking mountains, growing my own veggies, travelling, playing soccer

”Intrepid landcare Connects young, like-minded people who care for the environment and introduces them to the wonderful Landcare community!... Then you're hooked!”


sam forbes, sale

Things I like: great conversations, magical places, surfing, coffee, being active

“Intrepid Landcare to me is learning about interesting things that I care about - people, places and the environment”


derek snowden, dalyston

Things i like: Surfing, beach dogs, camping, massive indigenous trees and plant iD

“Intrepid Landcare is awesome! Where else do you get the perfect mix of adventure, community and passion? Grab your old, worn out boots and have a go!”


brett scorah, cape patterson

Things i like: camping,fishing, hiking, paddle boarding, the ocean.

“Intrepid landcare to me is working with other like minded people to care for the environment while having an adventure at the same time”


Kelsey Fraser, Mirboo north

Things i like: blue heeler (and best friend) jimi, driving and exploring the state, playing guitar and going to gigs, mountain ash in gippsland, photographing all of the above

“intrepid Landcare has allowed me to meet people who share my passion for preserving gippsland’s natural beauty. it’s a great group of passionate and fun outdoorsy folk who like to get together to make a difference.”


darcy minahan, phillip island

Things i like: cuddles with my kelpie. gin, cheesecake and great company, fitness, fun adventures, beach runs at sunrise

“intrepid Landcare is an amazing way to meet like minded people and do your bit for mother earth, whilst having fun!”


Elsa burnell, sale

Things i like: Anything and everything outdoors, hiking, snowboarding, trail running and taking lame photos of native flowers. (EDITORS NOTE: they are actually very good)

“Intrepid landcare has given me the chance to meet amazing people and have a luagh while doing our best for the planet”


Ryan mclennan Robertson, Almurta

Things i like: camping, enjoying our beautiful bush and coast lands, surfing, music and seeing friends and family.

“IntrEpid Landcare is a fantastic team full of like minded people helping repair our amazing planet and bring it back to the way it should be treated”


Claire jobling, Outtrim

Things i like: VegGie gardening,. Running outdoors, Soil, Summer, The Ocean

“INtrepid Landcare allows me to protect Gippsland’s natural places and solve problems with a rad bunch of encouraging people.”


cameron butcher, phillip island


Amber irving-guthrie, sale


Madeline watts, perry bridge


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