We are Gippsland’s premier, most-awarded “Intrepid Landcare” group*

*ok maybe we’re the only one.

Gippsland Intrepid Landcare is a group for passionate, creative and energetic volunteers (aged 18 to in their 30s) who want to protect the region’s environment. We undertake environmental projects mixed with epic adventures across Gippsland.

We formed in July 2017 and are run by a volunteer committee. Already we have over 50 financial members, and have run ten events attended by over 300 young people.

We join the nationwide tribe of Intrepid groups. Founded by New South Wales’ Megan Rowlett and Queensland’s Naomi Edwards, Intrepid Landcare provides a common space to inspire, connect and empower young people to join local environmental initiatives in their communities. For more information about Intrepid Landcare visit their website.


What we want to do


Be impactful and fun: Our events will be fun, adventurous, outside, and do good work. Members will design events around environmental initiatives that are relevant and interesting to them.

Be the Daniel Day-Lewis of Landcare (i.e. run quality events, not lots of events): We aim to run four events a year. This is to minimize the stress on committee and make it worth the travel for all our members from across Gippsland.

Be a Landcare pop-in: We’re always welcoming new members (and their mates) to our events. No matter if you come to an event, drift off into the sunset to never be seen again OR become a member of our seriously sexy committee, we’ll love you all the same.

Support existing Landcare structures: We will work with current Landcare groups, networks and legends. We will add to their current work and goals, learn from their experience, and be a gateway into these groups by promoting them and their events.

Be a healthy, self-caring committee: Encourage new committee members to join. Create a relaxed, efficient committee space that supports old ones to remain. Let members go if they’ve had enough.

Who we’ve worked with