(all real questions from our Facebook page)

“Why only 18 to people in their 30s? “

-Facebook post, 2018

We get asked this all the time! A little back story probably helps.

Landcare is now 30 years old and is an amazing grassroots movement that is improving the Australian environment. However, many groups are struggling to attract younger people due to a range of reasons. It’s actually a really big problem for some groups who don’t have anyone to take over from long term members.

Research has found that often the reasons young people don’t join Landcare are because a) they don’t feel invited to participate or aren’t aware of opportunities b) they want to hang out with people their own age c) young people are time poor and can’t commit to reoccurring activivites.

The idea behind Intrepid Landcare is to provide a fun, inviting, commitment-free space where young people can take a gentle (fun) step into Landcare and then, possibly, step further into their local group or other environmental work. We don’t want to brag or anything (ok- we totally do) but this has already happened many times with our members already, right across the region.

“Maybe I’ll start an over 35’s group then”


Not a single person has said this to us ever (JOKES. EVERYONE SAYS THIS)

Not being facetious at all, but you totally should! It’s really easy to start your own Landcare group. Information about doing so can be found here.

Alternatively there are nearly 80 Landcare groups across Gippsland keenly looking for new members. They are always running brilliant events on a range of topics or looking for volunteers. Information about local groups can be found here.

“Most envrio or reveg volunteers are older, but with lots of knowledge. Transfer of ideas & enthusiasm should be encouraged!”

-Facebook post, 2017

As per our objectives, our aim is to create projects and events with existing Landcare groups, networks and Landcarers. This is because we love learning from our elders, creating cross-generational connections, and having their knowledge and wisdom passed down upon us. Check out our list of partnerships to see the many groups we have already worked with. Below is a slideshow of some of these partnerships.

In return- we hope our elders can recognise the need for young people to connect in a way that may be a little different to what they’re used to and provide us with the space to do so. Please also remember we are a volunteer group of young people trying to do our best, so be nice!

Some of our partnerships: