Our committee

We’d love you to join our committee and help plan and assist with upcoming events. You should definitely join because:

  • The world is run by people who show up. Put your passion into action and make a real difference.

  • It’s only one hour commitment a month.

  • It’s by teleconference, so you can do it from your home/beach/pub toilets/ in the car after soccer training (all true stories).

  • It looks reallllllllllllllly great on your resume (like really great).

  • It gives you great skills for future job seeking.

Interested? Email gippslandintrepidlandcare@gmail.com or DM us on Facebook.

2019 committee

Chair: Jarryd Minahan
Secretary: Brita Jobling
Treasurer: Jem Milkins
Social Media: Darcy Minahan and Kelsey Fraser

General Committee: Elsa, Robin, Brett, Catherine, James, Sebastian, Kathleen, Maddy